10 misunderstandings about open relationship

In fact, many people have a deep misunderstanding about open relationships and polyamory. To say that open relationships are not for everyone, just as one-to-one relationships are not for everyone. So stability and feasibility are also judged by different people. First of all, we should understand what open relationships are.
The open relationship refers to two people in a relationship who agree, and besides maintaining their relationship, they have the right to pursue other people who might attract them. It means that the person they are pursuing doesn't necessarily need to know each other or live together, nor does it mean that they will have collective action. (if you meet each other and live together, it's a lot of love.)

Open relationship does not equal to the unfaithful of both parties
If you know exactly what happened and won't mind, it's not cheating. What is cheating? You're hiding from your partner, secretly starting a new, secret relationship. Yes, your partner doesn't have to have anything to do with your other partner, but that doesn't mean you can hide something about a new partner. You could start a threesome dating as long as you both agree with it.
What you and your new partner will do other things you and your existing partner won't do is not your secret. The main reason why open relationships succeed is that you realize that one person can't be everything else, because everyone's abilities are limited.
So, it's not something that happens on both sides, you just share it with different people.

Open relationships don't break up with your current partner
It's undeniable that some people break up because they're trying to have an open relationship with their partner, but that's just because they don't understand the original purpose and reason for the open relationship. Again, open relationships are not for everyone! Many people find comfort in a one-to-one relationship. If open relationships make you uncomfortable, stop it, after all, it will break up with your partner. Of course, if you already know the principles of open relationships and go into it, then that's not why you broke up or split up. In an open relationship, if you encounter something romantic and share it with your partner, it may make your relationship more intimate.

Open relationships do not equal a sexual partner
Open relationships do not mean that you can have a stable partner and then go to booty call. You and your partner may simply have an emotional connection with you, and you may often talk to each other, support each other, and sometimes go out and play together. Sex is an attractive thing, but it doesn't mean it's all. You're not just having sex with your open partner, you should have enough trust, enough time, love. If the only benefit of a thing is sex, it is very narrow. But if you really want sex, you can communicate with your partner. This does not prevent you from enjoying all the benefits of open relationships.

Open relationships only apply to "queer"?
Ordinary people also apply to open relationships. People who think that "queer" will always be wrong to think that "queer" is more promiscuous and hungrier than the average person, and that open relationships are just an excuse they use to satisfy their sexual desires. In fact, many "queer" may choose a husband and a wife, after all, everyone is different, the open relationship boils down to is only applicable to "queer" let people produce many misunderstanding and hurt. Of course, your main partner may be dating someone of the same sex, but don't be embarrassed that your partner or yourself is a bisexual person, and the more likely you are to have an open relationship.

Open relationship = fornication? NO!
Again: open relationships are not sexual debauchery. It's not a shield for people who don't want to get into a relationship and just want to snap. On the contrary, if you love intimacy, you will also like more people and may be more open to relationships. Open relationships don't just mean you have a chance to be a different person, not all open relationships are necessarily connected to sex. It's not because people are willing to try open relationships, they're more promiscuous than people who are monogamous. And is there a need for more sex to be critical? You want it, you fight for it. Let's stop the slut. You could have a throuple relationship if you want.

Open relationships do not equal having sex anytime
Said, in principle, there are always some people it is best not to join your open relationship: don't on his predecessor, both of them know, work colleagues, or very hate each other. Open relationships do not mean that anyone can go to love to have a relationship, as with any relationship, but with boundaries.
Couples in open relationships can sit down and make their rules and punishments. If you decide to open relationships, limited open is safe enough for a first partner, with your original partner have consensus and adequate communication let open relationship more comfortable.
Using your brain to pursue the person who really interests you will make everyone feel safe in this relationship, but remember that open relationships are not what you see that anyone can pursue.

Open relationships = do not want to commit to the future?
You don't want to develop a relationship in which only because you are not happy, and want to leave the relationship, doesn't mean all those who have an open relationship because unable to promise to make promise their partners to more people.
The ability to make a commitment and put yourself into it is not just about monogamy, "commitment" and "just love one person" are not the same thing. It may seem strange and untrustworthy, but it's amazing that you can still promise your partner and fall in love and even reach the great harmony of your life?
Is open relationships not a long-term relationship?
The most amazing thing about open relationships is that it can become an open marriage. You can continue to have a higher level of relationships with your main partner and get other people into your life and continue to have other relationships.
What are the options? Only six months of open relationships? It doesn't make much sense to talk about whether open relationships are good for the long term. Because even people in open relationships may have a period of time to stay in a one-on-one melon mud. But it doesn't mean that they have plans to end at some point.

How can one fall in love with multiple people at the same time?
In other relationships, we never think about love is limited: you can love all of your pets, parents can love all children, and everyone loves all their friends. But when it comes to the relationship between love and sex, everyone automatically becomes a stingy person and thinks that everyone's love is very limited. Love is limitless, not because you love many people or other things. It is not shameful to love only one person, also to three people and three gays/lesbians, it is no shame to fall in love with many people at the same time. Enjoy your throuple dating, love is love.